Using distillers grains in feedlot diets has been critically important to Nebraska and has added value to the corn, ethanol and cattle industries. One of the recent challenges has been managing supply and inconsistent delivery of distillers grains loads. Questions remain about the implications to interruptions in distillers grains supply and the consequences that varying inclusions in an animal’s ration throughout the feeding period may have on cattle performance and carcass characteristics. This program will evaluate five diets that include varying rates of distillers grains to determine the impact of inconsistent distillers grains supply. Cattle performance and carcass characteristics will be evaluated to determine whether varying inclusion of distillers grains impacts performance when compared to the same inclusion that is held constant throughout the entire feeding period. Addressing these questions will help ethanol plants understand the importance of providing consistent supply if it is determined that variation is detrimental to performance or, if variation is not detrimental to the performance of cattle, frustrations by the cattle industry will be put at ease.