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NCB-Supported Programs

Programs supported by the Nebraska Corn Board include:

Nebraska Corn and Soy Collegiate Mentoring Program
Providing college students with a comprehensive look at the scope of agriculture in Nebraska-and how they can get involved in ag careers and advocacy.

Provided through Nebraska Extension, Nebraska 4-H provides a wide range of programming for youth in the areas of leadership, citizenship, entrepreneurship and STEM education.

Agricultural education provided primarily in secondary schools helping young people develop leadership skills, explore career, participate in competitions and engage with their communities.

Middle and High School Curriculum
Through partnerships with Nebraska Educational Television, students in middle and high school are learning about the science of agriculture while complying with state science standards;
• Middle School Curriculum:

A 2-year program that develops advocates, leaders and spokespersons for Nebraska agriculture.

Agriculture Future of America (AFA)
AFA builds bridges for young leaders to foster engagement and innovation in food and agriculture.