Nitrogen (N) fertilizer is necessary for high corn yields and farmer profitability.While Nebraska corn growers have steadily improved nitrogen-use efficiency (NUE) in corn production over the last 50 years, room still exists to improve NUE while maintaining or increasing yields. This project is a partnership between the Nebraska Corn Board, Nebraska Association of Resource Districts, 17 of the 23 NRDs and Longitude 103 as the app developer. It seeks to develop an online platform that allows farmers to evaluate current water and nitrogen use efficiency through a personal account. Users will be able to track their progress towards a more efficient system and see how they compare (via aggregated rankings) to the performance of other producers operating under a similar management scenario. The “ProducerConnect” App will serve as a portal for growers to interact with their NRD, and help growers identify agricultural practices to increase their productivity without losing yields or profit. The dashboard is a much-needed development in our state’s ability to track and prove the progress growers are making toward increased nitrogen use efficiency on agricultural landscapes.