Feeding Livestock with Nebraska Corn

Livestock is one of the corn grower’s most important customers, consuming more than 41 percent of all U.S. corn, including the supply of distillers grains, which are produced by corn ethanol plants.

In Nebraska, livestock production is the engine that powers the state’s economy. It is a more than $7.5 billion industry that is fundamental to the well-being of Nebraska – and contributes in some way to the financial health of every Nebraskan.

About 16 percent of the Nebraska’s corn crop is fed to livestock within Nebraska, with the bulk of that (more than 70 percent) going to beef cattle.

In total, though, about 40 percent of the corn grown in Nebraska is fed to livestock somewhere in the United States or around the world.

Another major user of corn is ethanol – but one-third of every bushel used in ethanol production comes back as distillers grains, an outstanding feed ingredient. Nebraska ethanol plants only use the starch portion of the kernel, returning the other components to the livestock industries as a high protein feed ingredient.

Learn more about the different types of cattle feed created during ethanol production and corn farming processes.


Distillers grain is an ethanol byproduct containing leftover solubles and starches. This byproduct provides a great source of protein, fiber and fat in cattle feed. There are three different types:

  • Wet distillers grain—contains up to 70% moisture, which means it has a shorter shelf life and is typically used locally to an ethanol plant.
  • Modified distillers grain—partially dry version of wet distillers grain that typically has a higher protein and energy content than wet distillers grain.
  • Dried distillers’ grain—contains up to 12% moisture, which allows it a longer shelf life and the ability to be shipped much further.


Corn gluten feed is a byproduct of the corn dry milling and ethanol production processes. It’s made up primarily of protein and carbohydrates, which makes a great feed supplement for cattle. It has several benefits, including being low in phosphorus content which contributes to better growth, as well as providing essential amino acids for proper nutrition.


Silage is made from grass, grains and other plant material that’s fermented and stored as part of livestock feed. It’s a rich source of energy, protein, minerals and vitamins for dairy and beef cattle.

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Nebraska has more than 5,000 feed yards willing to work with cow-calf producers interested in retaining ownership or partnering on their feeder cattle. They offer competitive feeding rations from the quality feedstuffs available in the state.

Included here are Nebraska traders and merchandisers who handle the corn co-products distillers grains and corn gluten feed. Please contact the merchandisers directly for pricing and specs.

Plant Distillers Grain Contact (Wet, Dry)
Chief Ethanol Fuels
PO Box 488
Hastings, NE 68902
(402) 463-6885
Chief Ethanol (Wet)
Patricia Beard
(402) 463-6885
Ag Processing, Inc.
PO Box 49
Hastings, NE 68902
(402) 463-5290
Ag Processing, Inc. (Wet & Dry)
Craig Pietig
(888) 722-9590
Abengoa Bioenergy
1414 Road O
York, NE 68467
(402) 362-2285
Abengoa Bioenergy (Wet & Dry)
Roger Mills
(402) 362-2285
Green Plains Renewable Energy
48167 Val-E Road
Ord, NE 68862
Green Plains Renewable Energy
48167 Val-E Road
Ord, NE 68862
Valero Renewable Fuels
2609 260th Street
Albion, NE 68620
Cargill (Wet)
Todd Schlueter
(800) 849-6044
Louis Dreyfus Commodities
3002 North Victory Rd.
Norfolk, NE 68701
Louis Dreyfus Commodities (Dry & Modified Wet)
Nathan Brabec or Ryan Koinzan
(402) 844-2680
Siouxland Ethanol
110 East Elk
Jackson, NE 68743
Dan Reikofski (Modified Wet)
(402) 632-2676
Nebraska Energy, LLC
1205 South O Rd
Aurora, NE 68818
(402) 694-3635
Aurora Coop (Wet)
Gregg Sherwood
(402) 694-2106 Aventine (Dry)
Matt Keech
(308) 347-9226
Pioneer Energy Trail
7614 140th Rd
Wood River, NE 68883
Todd Schlueter (Wet & Dry)
(800) 849-6044
Husker Ag, LLC
54048 Hwy 30
Plainview, NE 68769
(402) 582-4446
Husker Ag, LLC (Modified Wet)
Ryan Koinzan
(402) 582-4446
KAAPA Ethanol, LLC
8450 KAAPA Lane
Minden, NE 68959
(308) 641-1458
Performance Plus Liquids (Wet)
TJ Martin
(308) 641-1458
Nebraska Corn Processing
107 Potter Street
Cambridge, NE 69022
Don Wiseman (Wet)
(402) 729-7345
Trenton Agriproducts, LLC
Hwy. 34 E
Trenton, NE
(308) 334-5100
United Bioenergy (Wet & Dry)
Kelly Vickers
(785) 675-3124
Standard Ethanol
Madrid, NE
Don Wiseman (Wet)
(402) 729-7345
Green Plains Renewable Energy
214 20th Street
Central City, NE 68826
(308) 946-2600
Performance Plus Liquids (Modified Wet)
Jess Brandes
(308) 894-5005
Cornhusker Energy Lexington, LLC
P.O. Box 814
1111 E. Industry Dr.
Lexington, NE 68850
(308) 324-6800
Bobbi Lorenz (Wet & Dry)
(308) 324-2047
Midwest Renewable Energy, LLC
27532 W. Hwy. 30
Sutherland, NE 69165
(308) 386-2468
Terry Tinney (Wet)
(308) 386-8098
Abengoa BioEnergy of Nebraska
35955 Navaho Rd.
P. O. Box 85
Ravenna, NE 68869
Todd Davis (Wet & Dry)
(308) 496-4800 ext. 1
Plant Corn Gluten Feed Contact
3000 East 8th St.
Columbus, NE 68601
(402) 564-6353
ADM (Gluten)
Ron Lindquist
(402) 747-2039 (Fax & Phone)
(402) 649-1884 (Cell)
650 Industrial Road
Blair, NE 68008
(402) 533-4100
Cargill (Gluten)
Curt Loseke
(800) 317-8825