Using Corn for Food and Fuel – Where Nebraska Corn Goes

Much of the corn Nebraska farmers produce stays in Nebraska through ethanol, livestock feed and other corn products. By using more Nebraska corn in Nebraska, we’re capturing more of the corn’s value right here in the state. That’s good for the state’s economy, rural communities and Nebraska corn farmers. Because Nebraska corn farmers are so efficient, more corn is produced than is used by the state, which means some is exported to ensure a healthy agricultural trade economy. The pie chart shows a further estimated breakdown by use.

2023-2024 Nebraska Corn Uses

2023-2024 Nebraska Corn Use Chart


A large portion of Nebraska corn becomes livestock feed for cattle, swine, poultry, dairy and more. Nearly half of the yearly crop is fed to these important animals across the country and around the world. Learn more about how livestock and feed production help fuel the state’s economy.


Ethanol is a high-octane, renewable fuel that is added to gasoline to supplement its efficiency and reduce costs at the pump. Much of Nebraska’s field corn is manufactured into ethanol, though some of it is recycled after the process for use as distillers grains.


The best markets for Nebraska corn are all over the world, making international agricultural trade critically important for growth and profitability. As the world’s largest supplier of corn, we help drive demand that keeps farmers thriving.