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We've officially kicked off Renewable Fuels Month in Nebraska!

DYK: Ethanol blends can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 43% compared to regular gasoline, and biodiesel can reduce lifecycle emissions by 86% compared to petroleum-based diesel fuel.

All month long, be sure to look for higher blends of ethanol for higher octane, lower cost and cleaner air!

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Happy #earthday2021! 🌎

We all depend upon clean water, soil and air — as does the world’s supply of food, fuel, feed and fiber. Every year, Nebraska’s farmers are growing more with less — less water, fewer chemicals, less land and a lower impact on the environment.

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The good life. 🌽

Happy Nebraska Day!

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It's time to #StandUp4GrainSafety!

Grain fines and dust may cause difficulty in breathing. It is important to remeber that anyone working in a grain bin, especially for the purpose of cleaning, should wear an appropriate dust filter or filter respirator.

Find more grain bin safety tips and resources by visiting!

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Workers in the grain handling industry are exposed to different life-threatening hazards daily. Here are a few tips to remember when entering a grain bin:

✔️ ALWAYS lockout and tag out unloading equipment before entering a bin.
✔️ NEVER work alone in a bin. Have someone watching who can call for help.
✔️ ALWAYS wear a harness and lifeline and do NOT "walk down the grain."

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It's Stand Up for Grain Safety Week!

Every year hundreds of employees are injured or die from preventable hazards while working in grain storage or handling. Follow along this week as we share tips, raise awareness and provide additional safety resources.

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