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COVID-19 Letter from Nebraska Corn and Safety Guide


Did you know that corn is used in fireworks? It’s true! Corn is commonly used to make dextrin, a compound used to help fireworks burn properly. 💥 🌽

Have a happy and safe 4th of July from Nebraska corn! 🇺🇸 #NeCorn #fireworks #happyfourthofjuly

Nebraska farmers have been hard at work! The latest USDA Crop Progress Report shows that 76% of corn in the state is in good-excellent condition. 🌽
Corn condition:
Very poor: 1%
Poor: 4%
Fair: 19%
Good: 55%
Excellent: 21%
#grow2020 #NeCorn

@corngrowers urges farmers to be aware of bees. Talk to neighbors, applicators & beekeepers, and protect bees from unintended pesticide exposure! 🐝#PollinatorWeek ...

As the growing season continues, the latest Crop Progress Report released today by the USDA shows that 74% of corn in Nebraska is in good to excellent condition. 🌽 #NeCorn #grow20 #grow2020 ...

Did you know that compared to pure gasoline, ethanol is cleaner burning! When you choose ethanol you support Nebraska agriculture and help the environment by reducing greenhouse gasses. 🌽 🌎
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As the growing season continues, the latest USDA Crop Progress Report shows that 98% of corn in Nebraska has emerged! At this time last year, only 87% of the state’s corn crop had emerged. #plant20 #grow20 #Necorn ...

Ethanol is typically less expensive at the pump. So when you fill up with ethanol you’re not only supporting Nebraska agriculture, but also getting more bang for your buck! 💥

Help celebrate Renewable Fuels Month by choosing ethanol at the pump! #NeCorn #RenewableFuelsMonth