Innovating New Uses FOR CORN PRODUCTS

Research has proven that almost anything that is made from oil can be made from corn. In lieu of petroleum, thousands of corn products are becoming more environmentally friendly, including paint, paper products, glues, toothpaste, cleaners, fireworks, chemicals and laundry dryer sheets.

The Nebraska Corn Checkoff Presidential Chair

Nebraska corn checkoff funds have established the Nebraska Corn Checkoff Presidential Chair at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln— a faculty position dedicated to the development of new products and new processes to optimize corn use. The appointed director works to build partnerships across campus to develop new and innovative products that add value to crops.

Innovating Sustainable Practices

Today, family farms have access to many sustainable ways of growing Nebraska corn like using less water and fewer soil resources.

Innovating Healthy Biotechnology

Through precise genetic management, Nebraska corn is stronger and healthier than ever. We use GMOs and other biotechnology to improve the quality and quantity of the food we grow, while ensuring high standards of safety and sustainability.