This project seeks to add value to the US corn crop by producing a biodegradable plastic, called PHA, from corn kernel fiber (CKF) and crude corn oil. CKF is considered a low-value product, commonly used in cattle feed. Crude corn oil is not edible by humans and is used either for biodiesel production or animal feed. Producing more sustainable products made from CKF and crude corn oil would increase the value of corn. PHA is actually naturally occurring. It is made by certain strains of bacteria, and it can be used to replace conventional plastics. This project is evaluating various PHA-producing bacteria to find the best producer of PHA. Different ratios of CKF and crude corn oil will be explored to develop a process to simultaneously use both materials to make PHA. A model will be developed to evaluate the costs of the developed process to aid in future commercialization and guide optimization. This new method of transforming corn products into biodegradable plastics has the potential to largely increase the value of CFK and crude corn oil. This innovative new use for corn can increase the sustainability of manufacturing processes that utilize plastics