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To reach a specific staff member, call the office at 402.471.2676.
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Kelly Brunkhorst (email)
Executive Director

His primary responsibilities include administering of the checkoff on corn marketed in the state. Director of all staff and management functions. Responsible for carrying out the decisions of a nine-member board. Assists in the development of committees to address issues of research, market development, communications, and government affairs. Provide a basis of accurate information for the board to use in decision-making in areas of foreign market development, domestic market demand, research, education, and information sharing.

Rachael Whitehair (email)
Director of Innovation & Stewardship

Her primary responsibilities include managing projects and priorities focused on efficient crop production innovation, new use research and development, and stewardship initiatives that support the board’s strategic vision.  She oversees the board’s research funding program and seeks to advance the board’s sustainability and stewardship initiatives, including identifying and developing opportunities to collaborate with key partners.

Jill Parrent (email)
Director of Communications

Her primary responsibilities include leading state communication efforts in branding consistency, working collaboratively with internal and external stakeholders, and developing communications campaigns. She organizes and manage promotions and outreach efforts at in-person events throughout the state including Husker Harvest Days, Nebraska State Fair, FFA State Convention, and ethanol pump promotions. She is the contact for media inquiries from local, national, and international journalists regarding Nebraska’s corn industry. 

Director of Market Development
Payton Schaneman (email)

Primary responsibilities include coordinating all facets of market development projects to increase demand for Nebraska corn and value-added products, partnering with state, national and international organizations.  He coordinates educational and promotional activities of corn and value-added corn products such as red meat, dairy, poultry and livestock expansion.

Renee Tichota (email)
Business Manager

Her primary responsibilities include accounts payable, contracts, purchasing, meeting arrangements and minutes, office management and managerial functions.

Roxie Rosenthal (email)
Staff Assistant

Her primary responsibilities include managing digital workflow and expense reimbursement, coordinating office functions, administering weekly office updates, and coordinating events.

Emily Hatterman

Emily Hatterman
Communications & Market Development Intern

Emily utilizes social media, photography, and graphic design to share positive messages about Nebraska Corn and agriculture. She assists with market development programs and activities and assists in website updates and other communications tasks.