In the winter of 2022, the Nebraska Corn Board (NCB) and Nebraska Corn Growers Association (NeCGA) began joint strategic planning efforts for the Nebraska corn industry to update the strategic plan that was established for 2017 – 2022.

Over several months, the organizations evaluated the realities of the corn industry, anticipated significant issues and trends affecting both domestic and export markets. Together, the boards developed a strategic plan to guide their efforts and optimize resource allocation. In June, both organizations approved the new plan, providing direction for the next five years.

The strategic plan has a shared Nebraska Corn vision and values, and three distinct strategy segments: joint strategies, NCB specific strategies and NeCGA specific strategies.

For more than 50 years, the Nebraska Corn Growers Association has been an independent association focused on engaging corn farmers across the state through education, policy and leadership development. Since 1978, Nebraska’s corn checkoff success has helped to grow markets for corn through education, market development, research and promotion.

Nebraska Corn has maintained a strong reputation as a leader among a diverse set of key stakeholders at state, national and international levels, and will continue to focus on enhancing demand, adding value and ensuring sustainability through effective programs and projects.

The two organizations affirmed the Nebraska Corn joint vision of Enhancing Demand. Adding Value. Ensuring Sustainability.

Each organization updated their mission statements.

Nebraska Corn Board: Increasing the value and sustainability of Nebraska corn through promotion, market development and research.

Nebraska Corn Growers Association: Advancing Nebraska corn farmers through leadership, policy and education.

“Together, we are focusing on enhancing the worth of our already valuable organizations,” said Chris Grams, President of NeCGA. “Our new mission statement instills the goals we’re continually trying to maintain and grow in. We are looking to the future of ensuring the corn industry is strong for the next generation.”

Four strategic priorities have been established to guide the organization’s work:

  1. Increase grassroots producer engagement in education, leadership development, advocacy, policy efforts and local communities.
  2. Collaborate to grow sustainability and demand for corn in all forms.
  3. Strengthen the reputation of corn as a trustworthy energy, food and feed ingredient.
  4. Foster a culture of continuous coaching and professional development within the organizations to enhance skills and support program, career and leadership growth.

“Strategic planning tests our comfortability, ensuring we’re always striving for the next step and not being complacent,” said Jay Reiners, NCB Chairman. “Our four strategic priorities aim to pull us towards continued and new relationships with partners and stakeholders, while upholding the vision of who we are.”

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