Blender Pump at Ampride in Lexington

This blender pump is one of four new blender pumps motorists can now use when they visit Lexington Ampride (2700 Plum Creek Parkway). In addition to the standard 10% ethanol blend, flex fuel vehicle owners have the option to also choose E20, E30 and E85.

Motorists living near or traveling through Lexington now have opportunities to refuel their vehicles with higher blends of ethanol. Through an infrastructure development program, the Nebraska Corn Board (NCB) provided Country Partners Cooperative with grant dollars to convert four existing fuel pumps into blender pumps at their Lexington Ampride location in order to offer higher ethanol blends. The station now offers E20 (a 20% ethanol blend), E30 (a 30% ethanol blend) and E85 (an 85% ethanol blend). These blends can be used in vehicles designated as flex fuel vehicles.

“We’re always excited to be able to work with local fuel retailers to help enhance ethanol offerings across the state,” said John Greer, District 2 Director of NCB and farmer from Edgar. “We, in the corn industry, understand the benefits of using cleaner-burning, renewable fuels, but we also know these fuels must be available to consumers in order to help them understand. Not only can we clean up our air with these high performance, locally produced fuels, ethanol often saves consumers money.”

“We’re very excited to be able to provide our customers with a choice when they pull up to the pump,” said Scott Haller, vice president of energy with Country Partners Cooperative. “Not only are we doing our part for the environment and helping consumers save money, but we’re also supporting our local corn farmers. That’s good for Nebraska!”

Lexington Ampride is located at 2700 Plum Creek Parkway in Lexington (off the west bound lane of I-80 north). To find all local fuel retailers offering higher ethanol blends, visit

Each year, NCB provides grant funds to fuel retailers wanting to upgrade to blender pumps. For more information on the program, contact NCB by emailing

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