Portrait of John Krohn

John Krohn is the new District 7 Director serving the Nebraska Corn Board. Krohn is a fifth-generation farmer from Albion.

Gov. Pete Ricketts recently appointed John Krohn as the District 7 Director of the Nebraska Corn Board (NCB), which represents Boyd, Holt, Antelope, Garfield, Wheeler, Boone, Platte, Valley, Greeley and Nance counties. Krohn is a farmer from Albion and is replacing David Merrell, from St. Edward, who served on the board since 2006 and chose not to seek reappointment.

“I wanted to become a part of the Nebraska Corn Board simply to get involved,” said Krohn. “I have a basic understanding of the state’s corn checkoff program, but I wanted to better understand all of the ways our half a cent per bushel investment can impact programs in Nebraska, the U.S. and even around the world. Instead of simply reading about how corn growers benefit from the Nebraska Corn Board, I want to be a part of the decision-making process.”

After graduating from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2006 with a degree in agronomy, Krohn was the production supervisor for Cargill before an opportunity allowed him to join the farm operation full time. He is the fifth generation to operate his family’s farm. The Krohn family grows corn and soybeans in the Boone County area which includes some land that has been in his family for over 120 years. Krohn practices sustainable production methods within his operation including no-till and cover crops.

Outside of the farm, Krohn serves as an associate director for Country Partners Cooperative and is in a stakeholder group with the Lower Loup Natural Resources District working to develop a drought management plan. Krohn is a fellow of the Nebraska LEAD Program (Class 39) and was involved in his local church as the council president. He farms with his parents, his wife, Sheena, and has three children: Kasey, Annie and Caleb.

“We look forward to welcoming John to the Nebraska Corn Board,” said Kelly Brunkhorst, executive director of NCB. “One of the biggest strengths we have within our board is the shared passion to improve our state’s corn industry through our key pillars of market development, research, promotion and education. We have a diverse group of leaders from different backgrounds and farming operations, yet they all come together for a common goal. John will be a great addition, but I would also be remiss not to mention Dave Merrell and thank him for his service to the industry.”

Krohn’s position is effective immediately following his appointment by Gov. Ricketts on Aug. 9. Additionally, Ted Schrock, from Elm Creek, and Andrew Groskopf, from Scottsbluff, were reappointed to serve as the District 6 and 8 directors respectively.

Portraits of Ted Schrock and Andy Groskopf

On Aug. 9, 2021, Gov. Pete Ricketts also reappointed Ted Schrock as the District 6 Director and Andrew Groskopf as the District 8 Director. Schrock farms near Elm Creek, and Groskopf farms near Scottsbluff.

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