The Nebraska Corn Board and the Nebraska Corn Growers Association are urging farmers to submit comments to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as the Agency released its Preliminary Interim Decision (PID) regarding the herbicide atrazine.

Atrazine is an effective weed control herbicide that was almost banned in 2016. In 2019, EPA pledged to use credible, scientific evidence and economic benefits information in the atrazine registration review. However, studies found to be flawed – in which the errors were acknowledged by the EPA – continue to be included in the registration review while credible studies continue to be excluded.

“Atrazine is an important tool for corn farmers,” said Dan Nerud, president of the Nebraska Corn Growers Association and farmer from Dorchester. “Atrazine is a powerful weed controller on much of our 90 million corn acres in the United States. We need EPA to listen to the number of credible scientific studies and protect our right to use atrazine.”

“Atrazine is a safe and effective tool for corn farmers that benefits the environment from unnecessary tillage,” said David Bruntz, chairman of the Nebraska Corn Board and farmer from Friend. “Nothing can equate to the effectiveness of atrazine. There isn’t a comparable option. Any alternative would also increase farmers’ costs of production at a combined expense of $30 per acre.”

The public comment period is now open and farmers can voice their support for atrazine at Farmers have until March 2, 2020 to submit their comments.

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