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Livestock Development Assistance

Since Nebraska’s livestock and poultry producers contribute billions of dollars to the state’s economy, adding value to local feed ingredients like corn and corn co-products, and using local labor and services. Supporting – and growing – the state’s livestock and poultry industry, in turn, supports corn producers by maintaining and expanding this important market for corn and corn co-products.

This is why the Nebraska Corn Board supports the livestock industry in a number a ways, including efforts to expand meat exports in a global economy (95 percent of the worlds consumers are outside the United States), encouraging counties to become livestock friendly, conducting a significant amount of research into feeding and handling corn co-products and being a founding supporter of the Alliance for the Future of Agriculture in Nebraska (A-FAN).

By helping new livestock and poultry producers get started or existing producers expand and fostering educational opportunities on livestock production for consumers, A-FAN is helping Nebraska farmers protect and preserve the quality of life in rural communities.

A-FAN is working to help consumers learn about modern food production and providing honest and open information about the way animals are cared for on Nebraska farms. The I am A FAN of Nebraska Agriculture campaign includes TV commercials and short webisodes that show consumers how family farmers in the beef, dairy, pork and poultry industries are taking care of their animals. Check out to watch them!


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