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Corn Co-Product Manuals

The Nebraska Corn Board, working with animal scientists from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, has compiled several manuals on feeding corn co-products like distillers grains and corn gluten to livestock, as well as a manual on storing wet corn co-products – like wet distillers grains.

For additional information on corn co-products, including links to additional resources, click here.

The four manuals below are all in .pdf format. Just click on the image or title to download.

Utilization of Corn Co-Products in the Beef Industry
3rd Edition (November 2010)
Feeding Corn Milling Co-Products to Forage Fed Cattle
1st Edition (August 2010)
Utilization of Corn Co-Products in the Dairy Industry
1st Edition (February 2008)
Storage of Wet Corn Co-Products
1st Edition (May 2008)
Corn Processing Co-Products Manual
Research involving beef cattle, swine, poultry and dairy
(Published in 2006)