Nebraska is better situated in terms of corn, livestock and ethanol than any other state in the nation.

Together, these three components form “Nebraska’s Golden Triangle,” which serves as a powerful economic engine for our state.

Nebraska is the third-largest producer of corn in the country, second in ethanol production and distillers grains (the feed ingredient produced by ethanol plants), second in cow-calf production and first in cattle on feed. It’s also an important location for the production of renewable corn-based polymers (bioplastics).

This means corn farmers have solid markets for corn – ethanol and livestock – while the two dozen ethanol plants across state then provide renewable fuel and a feed ingredient for the livestock industry.

This gives cattle feeders in Nebraska more feed options and an advantage over feeders in other states. The cattle sector then provides high-quality, corn-fed beef to people across town, throughout the country and around the world.

In essence, Nebraska’s Golden Triangle is a perfect way to add value to corn – via a renewable biofuel, distillers grains and meat production – all within Nebraska’s borders, providing an incredible economic engine for the state.

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