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Renewable Fuels Month 2023

2023-04-27T13:12:11-05:00April 27, 2023|News Releases|

Nebraska Celebrates Renewable Fuels Month This May LINCOLN, Neb, - Renewable Fuels Month highlights the importance of renewable biofuels, such as ethanol and biodiesel, especially for Nebraskans. The month of May usually marks the beginning [...]

2023 Stand Up 4 Grain Safety Week

2023-06-02T13:47:07-05:00March 27, 2023|News Releases|

Nebraska farmers continue to produce more bushels of crop per acre with less resources. The result of this increased efficiency is more on-farm grain storage. In turn, this leaves a bigger risk of fatal [...]

Celebrating National Ag Day

2023-06-02T13:47:20-05:00March 20, 2023|News Releases|

Without the work of the farmers in Nebraska and across the country, we wouldn’t have the food, fuel and fiber relied on every day. That’s why the Nebraska Corn Board is proud to recognize [...]

Nebraska Corn Board to Meet in January

2023-07-27T08:51:56-05:00January 9, 2023|News Releases|

The Nebraska Corn Board will hold its next meeting January 31 – February 1, 2023, at Nebraska Innovation Campus, 2021 Transformation Dr, Lincoln, Nebraska. The Nebraska Corn Board will undertake strategic planning with the [...]

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