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Mark Jagels Elected Chairman of U. S. Meat Export Federation

Mark Jagels, Davenport Neb., elected vice-chair of US Meat Export Federation

Mark Jagels, Davenport Neb., elected chairman of US Meat Export Federation

LINCOLN, NEB – Nebraska Corn Board member Mark Jagels, a farmer from Davenport, Neb., was elected chairman of the U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF) at the organization’s recent annual conference. Jagels served as USMEF vice-chairman over the previous year.

“I have enjoyed addressing issues and helping open markets for U.S. beef, pork and lamb over the past year and look forward to continuing those efforts on behalf of our industry,” said Jagels.  “Nebraska has a lot at stake, in developing markets for U.S. meat as other countries are becoming strong competitors in that market.”  Nebraska currently ranks first nationally in commercial red meat production, third in corn production and seventh in commercial pork production.

“The livestock industry has been a significant value-added partner of the corn industry for generations, and it is rewarding to see a Nebraska corn farmer give of his time to serve and expand the opportunities for both industries,” commented Don Hutchens, executive director of the Nebraska Corn Board.

The Nebraska Corn Board so strongly believes in USMEF’s mission that it has supported the organization with corn checkoff dollars since USMEF was founded in 1979.   With 96% of the world’s population outside of the U. S. and that population projected to grow to 9 billion by 2050, we want to be ones providing them with the protein that they need, in turn helping drive our balance of trade, create jobs, tax revenue and opportunities for livestock producers and farmers alike.

“It has also been great to see corn checkoff support go beyond membership to assist in re-opening markets,” Jagels noted.  Specifically, it was Nebraska corn farmers, through their checkoff, that recently supported activities in Japan following their announcement to re-open their country to U.S. beef 30-month and younger.

Mark, a fourth generation farmer, raises corn and soybeans, feeds cattle and runs a cow/calf operation alongside his father. Before being elected as an officer, Jagels served as a member of the USMEF executive committee representing feed grains, and has co-chaired USMEF’s Feed Grains & Oilseed Committee.

The mission of USMEF is “to increase the value and profitability of the U.S. beef, pork and lamb industries by enhancing demand for their products in export markets through a dynamic partnership of all stakeholders.” Simply put, USMEF is “Putting U.S. Meat on the World’s Table.”

The Nebraska Corn Board’s market development, research, promotion and education programs are funded and managed by Nebraska corn farmers. Producers invest at a rate of 1/2 of a cent per bushel of corn sold.

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