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Nebraska, US corn production set to be record

Nebraska's Gold is finally ready to be used. LINCOLN, NE – In its crop report released today, the U.S. Department of Agriculture forecast Nebraska corn production to be a record 1.61 billion bushels, based on the second largest yield of 169 bushels per acre.

“Should those production estimates hold through the balance of harvest, Nebraska farmers will produce a bin busting crop following the impact of a couple years of significant drought,” said Kelly Brunkhorst, director of research for the Nebraska Corn Board.

Brunkhorst said that USDA increased its yield estimate for Nebraska up from 164 bushels per acre in September.  Reports from the field have surprised producers across the state, considering the couple of weeks of hot weather following pollination.  The hot weather had many farmers concerned about yields being impacted.  Yet, with nearly 80% of the crop harvested, yields have been very good resulting in the USDA estimates for record production across the state.

Nationally, USDA estimated yields at 160.4 bushels per acre, up from last year’s yield of 123.4.  If realized, that would put US crop production at a record 13.99 billion bushels.

“This record corn production and larger supply of corn, affirms that Nebraska and US corn farmers can produce a corn crop that will fill the needs of our domestic demands of ethanol and livestock, while supplying an increasing world demand,” Brunkhorst added.

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