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Ethanol Initiatives

Nebraska corn farmers through the Nebraska Corn Board and Nebraska Corn Growers Association are among the organizations that support American Ethanol, a partnership formed by the ethanol industry, corn growers across the country and NASCAR.

The partnership helps NASCAR take its environmental commitment to the next level by fueling all races in its top three racing series – Sprint Cup, Nationwide & Camping World Truck – with Sunoco Green E15, a 15 percent corn ethanol blend. The agreement began with the 2011 racing season and continues today, with more than 5 million miles raced on E15 by the end of the 2013 season. American Ethanol also supporting select NASCAR drivers and teams, further promoting renewable ethanol.

As part of the agreement, America Ethanol is highlighted on the fuel port of every vehicle running in a NASCAR race, is prominent on NASCAR’s Green Flag, is part of an award for every race and is featured at on-site race day events and more.

The partnership raises the visibility of ethanol and allows the industry to communicate to new and larger audiences in exciting ways.