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What is E15?

Retailers are allowed to sell the fuel year-round with no changes to required labeling. States with wide E15 (also known as Unleaded88) distribution have seen large growths in volume. UNL88 is now available at most Nebraska terminals. Many retailers are offering UNL88 at a discount to E10, giving a competitive price advantage that can draw more customers to your location. While each site is unique, the cost of adding UNL88 at your retail location may be much smaller than you anticipate. Some retailers may only need to change labeling but others may need to update storage tanks.

Steps for offering E15 (Unleaded88) in Nebraska

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Check Your Current Equipment

Check your current equipment to make sure it’s compatible for E15. If you’re unsure, your equipment manufacturer can help with above-ground equipment, and the Nebraska State Fire Marshal’s office has information on Underground Storage Tank capabilities.

E15 is available at most of Nebraska’s fuel terminals but contact them in advance.

Labeling (contains up to 15% alcohol)

Determine your pump configuration and labeling. E15 can have a dedicated hose or share a hose with E10 and E0.

Labels must be placed on E15 retail dispensers indicating E15 use is only for MY2001 and newer vehicles; those labels can be obtained for free. Nebraska Weights and Measures may also require a notice above the selection tab on the dispenser that the fuel “Contains up to 15% Alcohol”.


Product Transfer Documents must accompany all transfers of fuels for E15 use. You already have these today (Renewable Fuels Association). You must also participate in a survey of compliance at fuel retail dispensing facilities to ensure proper labeling of dispensers. This survey takes about five minutes to register. Visit to learn more.

Misfueling Mitigation Plan

Retailers must submit a Misfueling Mitigation Plan to EPA for approval. Notify the Nebraska State Fire Marshal 30 days prior to offering any fuel above E10. Contact us to learn more about forming an MMP.


Decide how to market the fuel. Many larger retailers are branding E15 as Unleaded88 with positive results.