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Sophia Svanda – Nebraska Corn Board, Lincoln, NE

by | Jun 7, 2019

Intern Updates

July 2020

Like many others, this summer I’ve had a rather unconventional start to my internship. COVID-19 kind of put a damper on things but I was able to start working virtually from home. For the first week I was doing things from my couch wondering if the whole summer would consist of me sitting behind my laptop for a couple hours a day in my pj’s at my parents’ house. Lucky enough, after only one week of working from home I was able start in the office.

I will admit, I was nervous at first. I came to a new environment, with new people, and frankly I was afraid I was going to mess something up. But that’s the beauty of an internship, you’re there to learn, grow, and experience new things! I’ve learned so much already and am excited for what the rest of the year has to bring.

Many of the events that were planned for the summer and fall have been cancelled because of coronavirus. Some of these events included pump promotions, Husker Harvest Days, and even some events at the state fair. However, I have been keeping busy around the office.

A lot of my tasks change depending on the day. I’m in charge of developing crop progress posts for all the social media platforms, sending out a weekly radio report, updating the podcast, managing the intern page on the website, contributing to the weekly update, as well as other random tasks around the office. One thing I really like is the amount of creative freedom I have. Coming into this internship I knew pretty much the bare minimum about photoshop and the rest of the adobe suite. After a few short weeks, and a lot of trial and error I improved tremendously and love exploring/experimenting with all the different tools.

I mentioned that a lot of events have been cancelled due to the pandemic, but there are some things coming up that I’m excited about! Some of those things include travelling with Morgan & Morgan from the Corn Growers office to some of the NeCGA golf tournaments!

In just the few months I’ve been with the Corn Board I can already tell I’ve developed more professionally and am excited to keep learning.