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In most households, women are the decision makers when it comes to food purchases. And more and more women are becoming interested – and in some cases, concerned – about what they are hearing about where their family’s food comes from and how it’s produced. Who better to talk with about these concerns than a fellow mom who helps produce that food?

That’s the focus of CommonGround, a national initiative in which volunteer farm women
interact with urban women in grocery stores, food shows and other events across America. While many CommonGround conversations take place in large urban areas, these conversations are also taking place in communities across Nebraska.

This is where the Nebraska CommonGround volunteers come in. They, like their counterparts in other states, aim to have conversations with women in Nebraska and across the country who buy food. They answer questions and share facts, as well as their personal stories of farm life.

There are 16 Nebraska CommonGround volunteers from across the state. Meet them here.