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Know Before You Grow

know-before-you-growThe Nebraska Corn Board encourages farmers in Nebraska to “Know Before You Grow” –  to know the type of corn they’re growing and the needs of their customers, including export customers around the world.

Through the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) Know Before You Grow website, farmers can view information on the release of new seed varieties, policy stances, biotech traits and grower agreements.

The Nebraska Corn Board supports these efforts and recognizes the importance of export markets. While much of the state’s corn is used in domestic livestock feed and ethanol production, some does makes its way into export markets, and many Nebraska ethanol plants also export distillers grains.

In order to ensure U.S. farmers support our international customers and help maintain important trade relationships, the Nebraska Corn Board and NCGA urges growers to steward U.S.-grown biotech hybrids yet to be approved in major export markets away from export channels.

To do so, growers should read the grower agreements prior to planting and communicate with their grain buyers.