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Corn Exports

Corn exports out of Nebraska are divided into two categories: foreign and domestic. “Foreign exports” involve corn sales to countries around the world. “Domestic exports” includes any corn that is shipped from Nebraska to another state in the U.S., with California being the largest market for Nebraska corn, taking about 145 million bushels of Nebraska corn mostly for livestock and poultry last year. Foreign sales make up about 6 percent of corn usage, with Mexico (via rail) being a top market.

To support foreign markets for corn, the Nebraska Corn Board partners with the U.S. Grains Council to break down trade policy barriers and to educate buyers about the quality of U.S. corn and value-added corn products—as well as sorghum and barley. The Council is a unique partnership of producers, agribusiness, the public sector and overseas customers. It’s goal is to strengthen U.S. farmers’ profitability by boosting worldwide demand for grain. The Council operates offices around the world and conducts innovative market development programs in dozens of countries.

Why Exports Matter to Nebraska Corn Farmers video featured below: