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Significant Accomplishments

Over the years, the Nebraska Corn Board has seen many successes for Nebraska corn farmers and Nebraska agriculture as a whole. Included here is a list of notables over the last few decades, and while it’s certainly not inclusive, it helps demonstrate the breadth of the Board’s work on behalf of farmers across the state.

  • Established a Commodity Building at Husker Harvest Days in partnership with other commodities
  • Began the Corn Harvest Tours program
  • Participated in continual discussions with the auto industry regarding utilizing higher blend ethanol fuels
  • Worked with Indy 500 champ Tom Sneva to promote ethanol and President George H. Bush drove an E85 vehicle around the tractor test track at UNL
  • Hosted international trade teams in Nebraska each year
  • Celebrated the 50 Billionth Bushel of corn exported (1993)
  • Promoted the National Corn Farmers Coalition Program
  • Leveraged Corn Congress in Washington DC as an educational tool for LEAD, FFA and 4-H
  • Helped sponsor beef mission to Japan following the earthquake and tsunami in 2011
  • Involvement in all trade agreements including GATT, NAFTA, WTO, CAFTA and more
  • Honor industry and ag media leaders in Nebraska each year
  • Partnered on research and release of new Decide NOW marketing app, new center of pest management, Presidential Chair and canopy sensor research for improved nitrogen fertilizers use efficiency
  • Part of a partnership that was awarded a $1.5 million Federal grant to continue to increase the ethanol infrastructure across the state
  • Helped start the Industrial Ag Products Center at UNL
  • Showcasing Nebraska farm families in a “Sustaining Innovation” campaign, including billboards on delivery trucks in Nebraska and WDC
  • Organized a multi-commodity Farm Bill Task Force in 1999
  • Developed a Cattle Industry Forum to help promote beef
  • Organized the first Nebraska corn and beef WDC Leadership Team
  • Helped fund key UNL facilities projects including the Food Industry Building, Beadle Center, Veterinary Diagnostic Center, Nebraska Center for Technical Agriculture (Curtis) and the Nebraska Agriculture Experience at the Nebraska State Fair
  • Sponsored Japanese researchers to study corn starch & industrial uses
  • Tested corn plastics with the City of Lincoln
  • Continued to promote the responsible expansion of our livestock industry through the Alliance for the Future of Agriculture in Nebraska (A-FAN)
  • Battled media attacks such as “King Corn”, “Food, Inc.” and “Frankenfoods” – and helping promote “Farmland”, a new ag film released in 2014
  • Corn farmer call-to-action for the Renewable Fuel Standard
  • Launched the updated American Ethanol branding campaign on pump labels as an extension of our partnership with NASCAR
  • Supported student internships with our major cooperators, including an international internship; providing the next generation of leaders an opportunity to network and increase understanding of the corn industry