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Ag Achievement Award

This award was first presented in 1991. Criteria for the award are as follows:

  • The purpose of the award is to recognize outstanding, unselfish, and sacrificial efforts which further the corn industry.
  • The recipient can be an individual or an organization whose work has significantly benefited the corn industry. Preference will be given to a recipient from Nebraska.
  • Areas of service considered may include, but are not limited to: all aspects which can enhance the corn industry, hosting trade teams, promotion of ethanol or corn sweeteners, and outstanding service to related organizations.

Past Recipients

Don Hutchens
Mark Jagels
Ronnie Green
Rick Leonard & Senator Carlson
B. Keith Heuermann
Ralph Holzfaster
Senator Roger Wehrbein
Greg Ibach
Dr. Allen Blezek
Senator Bob Kremer
Governor Mike Johanns
Jerry & Kay Aschoff
Senator Cap Dierks
Ed Schrock
Lee Klein
Clayton Lukow and Dick Mercer (Farm Policy Task Force)
The Board and Staff of KRVN Radio
Bob Dickey
The Pioneers of Ethanol, with special recognition to Dr. William Scheller in memoriam
LaMoine Smith and Rod Gangwish
Governor Ben Nelson
Tim Galvin
Randy Cruise
Larry Sitzman