Sam Oborny – Nebraska Corn Growers Association, Lincoln, NE

Intern Updates

May 25th, 2022

I started at the Corn Growers Association on May 16th, so this is the second week I have been in the office. So far I have really enjoyed this internship and everything I am tasked with. I was really nervous starting this internship as there were a lot of things to remember when I came in for training with Wesley. I am starting to get the hang of everything though. Katherine and Brenda are both super helpful and are willing to drop what they are doing to answer any questions I may have. On my second day, I was able to go to Grand Island for the Children’s Groundwater Festival. Here, Emily, Sophia, and I played jeopardy with a number of students. The questions covered a few aspects of agriculture. It was super fun getting to see how excited the kids were when they would get an answer right and I was surprised at how much the students knew.

June 21st, 2022

It is so crazy how fast time flies! I can’t believe we are already nearing the end of June! The past month I have worked closely with Katherine to finalize details for the Corn Grower Open Golf Tournament, 50th Event, and other events as well. I have kept the social media updated and have created various graphics for various things like Father’s Day as well as the first day of summer! I continue to work on the Weekly Update and send that out every Monday. I look forward to the upcoming months when more events start taking place like the golf outings and 50th Event.

Right now there is a lot of planning and contacting producers and industry leaders. I was tasked with calling possible sponsors to see if they were willing to contribute. I think we have had a pretty decent turn out so far with the amount of sponsors we have. The process was a bit frustrating though as many times people did not answer or reply to emails. It was a great opportunity for me to strengthen my phone skills and communication skills as well. I have also been in contact with various businesses around the Kearney area to set up times for our industry tour day with the PRIME Class on June 24th. I am super excited to have been able to plan this day and look forward to the tours! The Corn Congress is coming up in July, so I have been in contact with some of the federal agribusiness offices in Washington D.C to set up times for our group to meet with them and learn about the role they play in the agriculture industry. So far this internship has given me better insight to the everyday tasks of the association as well as improved various skills like communication, social media, and planning. We are also moving at the end of June over to Fallbrook so we have been busy packing up the office.

July 8th, 2022

It has been a crazy last couple of weeks! We have been really busy here at the office with moving and getting ready for upcoming events. On June 23rd and 24th, I was able to travel to Kearney with Katherine for the PRIME Programs’s 2nd session. The first day we brought in some speakers to talk about how to improve an operation. Some topics that were covered were farm safety, life insurance policies, diseases to watch out for this summer, diversifying an operation with livestock, as well as the importance of keeping accurate and up-to-date records of the operation.

On the second day of the session, we had the opportunity to tour various agri businesses around the Kearney area, including WARD Labs, Wood River Dairy, McClymont Feedyard, and Monsanto. Each of these tours were very interesting and it was cool to see all the different aspects of agriculture and how each place operates. Since then, I have been staying busy by creating a lot of invites for our local associations’s upcoming golf events. I am currently working closely with a member of the Saunders County association to create banners to honor their sponsors and helping them finalize details for their recruitment event going on during their country fair. I have had nothing but a good experience during this internship. I really enjoy it!