Intern Updates

June 30, 2021

Hello all, this is Malina Lindstrom coming to you from Denver, Colorado. It is an honor to be interning with the U.S. Meat Export Federation this summer, and June was an exciting month as I finally moved to Colorado and arrived in the office. Malina Lindstrom internship

To start off, here’s a little background on the United States Meat Export Federation. It is a nonprofit organization that works to establish opportunities for the red meat exports and continues to develop existing marketplaces overseas. Their offices around the globe help them gain an understanding on the global marketplace and its demands. Ultimately, their goal is to increase the value and profitability of U.S. beef, pork and lamb.

June brought with it a quick learning curve. From sitting in on the USMEF Spring Conference to international meetings, I have been flooded with opportunities to expand my knowledge of the global marketplace and what USMEF does. These meetings have been fascinating as I am still learning about what all is happening at USMEF and what they are doing around the world. I have gotten to learn about so many of the marketing campaigns and platforms they are using to promote red meat.

The majority of my time thus far has been focused on membership. I have been busy writing new member memorandums, updating member files, and developing a master membership list with travel information. With this, I have been able to get a grasp of the people who USMEF works with and the areas of the industry they are in.

The Latin American Product Showcase is a large international trade show hosted by USMEF each year. This event will be held in Costa Rica in late August, and I am getting to assist with the organizational and planning aspects of it. I am working closely with the financial department at USMEF to submit all reimbursement and financial requests for the event. And I am also organizing data on all the companies and representatives attending, doing hotel rooming, and collecting all the flight information for attendees. I have really enjoyed working on the LAPS and getting to develop some promotional materials for the event.

There is much more to come in my time at USMEF, but my first couple of weeks have been absolutely incredible. Stay tuned to see what else happens in Denver this summer!