Emma Hoffschneider – National Corn Growers Association – Washington, D.C.

Intern Updates


It is hard to believe my internship in our nation’s capital is halfway complete. The best word to describe my experience thus far is grateful. I have been incredibly blessed to work with and learn from some of the most talented and intelligent individuals I have met thus far. I have already learned more about our industry and the importance of strong policy than I thought possible.

Starting the first week of June, I hit the ground runn ing by meeting with each of NCGA’s lobbyists in our D.C. office. Gaining more knowledge in specific areas from key trade issues and the ongoing discussions surrounding specific fertilizers to the value and importance of NCGA’s PAC supporters.

One of the highlights of my internship thus far is the flexibility I have regarding the work I complete on NCGA’s wide range of policy interests. I have loved the opportunity to learn about different issues each week that excite and entice me. My day-to-day tasks involve researching upcoming issues, watching specific interest related legislative hearings as well as utilizing my creative design skills in various ways around the office.

Perhaps my favorite part about my public policy internship with NCGA is the opportunity to grow and develop not only as a young professional but as an individual. In late June, I had the chance to meet and network with several intelligent and motivated women at the Women and Mentors Conference in St. Louis. The focus of the conference was creating more women-led networks. While I had many key takeaways from this event, the idea of challenging your own inner critic and reshaping your self-talk framework has continued to stick with me.

Although my internship is halfway completed, there are several exciting events on the horizon. With Corn Congress being underway and Leadership Academy starting in early August, I am excited to see all that is in store for these final weeks. The connections made, knowledge gained and experiences had thus far have been nothing short of incredible and I am excited for what’s next.

Emma working in office
Emma with corn congress