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Corn Farmers Coalition heading to D.C.with messages about modern family farmers

The Nebraska Corn Board is one of more than a dozen corn organizations supporting the coalition.

LINCOLN, NE – The Nebraska Corn Board and corn farmers from 13 other states and the National Corn Growers Association announced a new educational effort today in Washington, D.C., aimed at providing facts about modern family farmers to policymakers and opinion leaders who affect the fate of America’s family corn farmers.

“Some myths about farming and corn continue to make the rounds, and this effort will help provide the truths to counter that,” said Nebraska Corn Board member Curt Friesen, a farmer from Henderson. “At the same time, real American farm families will make up a significant portion of the campaign to help put a face back on farming.”

This is important, Friesen said, because many people do not realize that most farms, and 95 percent of corn farms specifically, are family owned and operated. “We need policymakers to understand the decisions they make impact real family farmers, and that it’s these families that are the backbone of this country,” he said.

The Corn Farmers Coalition will also highlight the advances being made in agriculture, including significant productivity advancements made while protecting the environment.

“It is the incredible advances in productivity made by today’s corn farmers that allow us to feed and help fuel a nation, while at the same time reducing the environmental footprint of farming,” Friesen said. “This is a very positive story, and the Nebraska Corn Board is excited to be part of the Corn Farmers Coalition, which allows us to tell that story in a bigger way then we could on our own.”

The main advertising campaign for the Corn Farmers Coalition will begin June 1. Educational efforts will include important facts about family farmers in Capital Hill publications, radio, websites, the Metro (passenger rail) and Reagan National Airport. The program will focus on family farmers telling their story and will continue until Congress recesses in August.

More information on the coalition can be found at

The Nebraska Corn Board is a self-help program, funded and managed by Nebraska corn farmers. Producers invest in the program at a rate of 1/4 of a cent per bushel of corn sold. Nebraska corn checkoff funds are invested in programs of market development, research and education.

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