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Drought Continues

This past week has been similar to others for most of the state unfortunately. Little precipitation and above normal temperatures continue to wear on crops, … Read More »

Nebraska Corn Board grant funds 50 percent allocated

LINCOLN, NEB—The Nebraska Corn Board’s new blender pump grant program that began July 1 has garnered a tremendous response, with half of the funds available … Read More »

Drought Continues

There has been continued stress across the state due to hot and dry conditions blanketing the Midwest. According to the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service, … Read More »

Nebraska Corn Board urges farmers to take precautions when unloading grain bins

LINCOLN, NE – In light of recent tragedies involving grain handling, the Nebraska Corn Board would like to remind farmers, farm workers and farm families … Read More »

Hot, Dry Summer

The last week in Nebraska has been a tough one! Triple digit temperatures alone with limited rain has depleted soil moisture and caused crop conditions … Read More »

Local View: Look for more of a home-grown, renewable fuel

By Kim Clark This piece was published in the Lincoln Journal Star on July 1, 2012. Kim Clark is director of biofuels for the Nebraska … Read More »

NCB offers new blender pump grant incentive for fuel retailers

LINCOLN, NEB—The Nebraska Corn Board recently allocated funds in its 2012-13 fiscal year budget to further develop the renewable fuel infrastructure in Nebraska. Through a … Read More »

Cornstalk Summer 2012

How can Innovation Campus impact rural Nebraska and corn farmers? Find out in this edition CornsTalk! You’ll also find details on water use, corn “chips”, … Read More »

62% of Corn Rated Good to Excellent

The last couple of weeks have brought above normal temperatures paired with little or no precipitation across most of northern and western Nebraska. This has … Read More »

Crop Progress Update

In the last couple of weeks showers have brought moisture and really improved growing conditions for most of the East, with the largest rainfall accumulating … Read More »

New interns broaden scope of Nebraska Corn Board programs

LINCOLN, Neb. – The Nebraska Corn Board is supporting five internships starting this summer. Three of these interns are part of a new program in … Read More »

Corn Planting Nearly Complete

Farmers have almost finished planting with completion at 98%, ahead of the 91% last year according to USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service, Nebraska Field Office. … Read More »

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